"L&A Design Star Contest for College Students" is cooperated by L&A and well-know universities around the world. It's a longtime plan we devoted to training a design master in China or even the whole world. Meanwhile, it's provide a exchange platform to connect school education and focus of trades. So we can promote the development of the industry. After "Concept Garden" in 2011, "Dream campus" in 2013 and "Dream Old Town" in 2013, in 2014 L&A DESIGN STAR Contest, we make "Dream Old City---Urban Regeneration Plan for Fengxianguan Granary Neighborhood, Jiyuan City" as the topic, focus on urban renewal and industrial upgrading plan, negotiate the new development thought and model for old cities in China. So we can contribute to old city's healthy and sustainable development.


After thirty years Reform and Opening-up, a large number of city historic district and the early industrial city are facing to be reconstructed or even demolished. Old city reconstruction is a hard and complicated business. How to recognize the historical resources effectively, or find the culture value to provide the commercial potential, or to coordinate the public relationship, and finally developed sustainably for both commerce and society. That is a challenge for each participant.

L&A DESIGN STAR Contest for College Students made FengXianGuan granary district in JiYuan HeNan, which is typical industrial city as the topic. JiYuan is a well-known industrial city in China, with excellent economic and history background, it's a sign of post-industrial city in transformation, that's the reason why the result of this completion is a reference resourcefor the society.


Jinwen Zhang, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sport and Tourism Arts Division Chief
Yu Liang, The Guangdong Artists Association Vice Chairman & Shenzhen Federation of Literature and Art Vice Chairman
Boying Liu, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University,Famous Experts of Industrial Architecture Heritage Protection and Regerneration Design
Xiaowei Ma, Ager Group Founder & Design Director
Wei Pang, Famous designer of Turenscape
Xu Wang, General Secretary of SMART Solution Group, Principal of Zeybekoglu Nayman Associates, Inc
Xiangmin Guo, Associate Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, Postdoctoral Cooperation Tutor ,Dean of Urban Planning and Design Institute, Shenzhen Branch
Bo Li, L&A Design Group Principle & Design Director
Clara Li, L&A Design Group Managing Director
Donnia Tang, L&A Design Group Technology and Training Director
Lita Chen, L&A Design Group Project Director
Michael Patte, L&A Design Group Design Director
William L. Crump, L&A Design Group Design Director
Junhua Li, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department in JiYuan, Chairman of Association of Social Sciences, Party Secretary
Anping Yao, Director of Municipal Planning Bureau in JiYuan
JianPing Zhao, Secretary of the Party in BeiHai Sub District Office in JiYuan


1. Expound the mode, general idea and characteristics of the old city renewal in this area.
2. Find the problems in that area creatively and propose tailored solutions.
3. Complete the concept and various systems analysis of overall space layout.
4. Important space nodes display and creative expression.


1. Design area:
7 granaries next to FengXianGuan, JiYuan, HeNan Province, China. Detailed Scope as the red line in CAD.
2. Deliverables:
1)No more than 5 pieces drawing (A1 size), no limit to drawing type. Suggestions: design analysis, concept extraction, masterplan, necessary analysis drawing, conceptual design and expression of of important nodes. Meanwhile, competitors should submit a powerpoint report in the form of 20 * 20 (20 powerpoint pages, 20 seconds for every page; recordings can be embedded into the PPT in advance, try to make sure the sound and content can be synchronized).
2)Name of competitor and instructor, name of college and school, and project name should be written down on the right bottom corner at the back of EVERY drawing. All the drawings should be stored with opaque paper; competitors or instructors' information should not be appeared on the front of the designs. Otherwise, competitors will be disqualified;
3)Posters should be posted before 15th NOV. with application form and copy of your student ID. (Address: 3rd Floor, 5# Block, Nanhai E-Cool Building, Xinghua RD, Shekou, Nanshan District, ShenZhen, PRC.) to Cindy Wang.
4)Implementation Design Specification in PowerPoint should be saved as the name like "University-Department-Major-Author's name" and email to [email protected]
5)Entries will not be returned to the participants, Participant owns the copyright, but the contest organizers and granting agency have the copyright except the right of authorship.
6)All the entries should be presented in both Chinese and English.

1. Major in planning, landscape, architecture or any related in any university or college around the world. No limitation for nationality, but not include more than lovers. You can work by yourself or as a team with no more than 3.
2. Competition entries that have been shown in other competitions or in public are disqualified for this competition.

1. Online registration: 2014.9.2 to 2014.9.30
2. Submission Deadline: 2014.11.15
3. Award selection: 2014.11.16 to 2014.11.30
4. Winners announced and public display: 2014.12.1 to 2014.1.31
5. Awards ceremony: At the end of December 2014, followed with Ancient Town Forum

First Place (one entry): ¥20,000RMB, Certificate and Trophy
Second Place (2 entries): ¥10,000RMB and Certificate
Third Place (3 entries): ¥5,000RMB and Certificate
L&A Design Star Award (10 entries): Certificate
Best Instructors: Certificate
Note: The First Place might be sponsored by L&A Fund and put into practice. Winners may have the chance to attend the award ceremony and forum.

Cindy Wang
TEL: 0755-26826690-8025
Email: [email protected]
QQ Group: 229145820(Full) 199759620

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